Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oogami O_O!?!?!

I think since Oogami's release, people start to discuss about its stylish rendering effect -- water drawing. I think my last post about how to achieve the result was not reasonable. So after taking opinions from my brother and coworkers, I deside to challenge this rendering technique again! ^^;

This time I have 2 models ready, one is rendered in CW order to create the outline and the other one is the original model. The difference between the 2 is that their shapes are alil bit different so I can use that to produce those unbalenced outlines in Oogami. After the preparations, I follow the steps below to achieve my result.

1. Render Outline only to a texture for post effect later.

Original Outline, the shape is different with with the real model

2. Do Glow effect to this texture
3. After the glow, I use some color conversion filters to control the contrast of the color in order to produce the stylish outlines. Diff contrast can create diff style~ ^^
4. Finally multiply with the original texture to get the result.

Hehe, to be honest I didnt know the result will be this impressive ^^; If I spent more time on adjust the coloe conversion, I think there will be more cool rendering results than this~ ^^

The result is like this, does it look like Oogami? ^^

Some Links~

These are some links people sent me or found by myself~ have a relaxing break and enjoy it~ ^_^
2006 E3 War~ hehe
Saint Seiya + Transformers... my god
Famous Japanese celebrity "Hard Gay" (HG). you will laugh to death if you understand japanese~ lol
Dumb magician ^^;
Cool performance~
God of War2 trailers~ Cool
Some models are made by this guy. so gonna advertise for him one more time~
Japanese Police and Darth Vader~ lol
If you know this cartoon... the real person one is NOT fun compared to the cartoon!
funny blog... ^^;;
A creative music game~
Poker...dont regret after you played @_@
People sell this on TV??!?!
Memoirs-of-a-Geisha mad version -_-
fun clip
Violent kid....
Banned MasterCard Commercial~~hehe
If you know chinese this will be a fun song~

Bad Day @_@;

Actually it happened a few weeks ago but I havent got a chance to take the pics( aka too lazy =P ) so I didnt make the post until now. Damn George you lazy worm!^^;

I had a external harddrive ( exHD...lazy me ) full of my "collections" ( if you are a man you should know what those are...hehe ). One night when I wanted to do some "review", something bad happened; my pc couldnt recognize it anymore. It kept saying "cannot recognize the device" no matter whereever I plugged it. So I brought it to the office and asked my coworkers. "Oh, might be something wrong with the case, maybe you can try another case." OKay... I would give it a try. So I borrowed a case from one of my coworkers and at the time I plugged the case, I smelled someone cooking...nonono, its like something burned!! Yea, the case was already smoking... WTH..did I plug something wrong?? Stupid person like me borrowed another case to prove my dumbness...Of course I burned it again. @_@

OMG, why was I so unlucky. I not only broke my HD but also burned 2 cases borrowed from coworkers. And the worst was I lost my "collections"!!!( men should know the feeling...hehe ) Good thing was my HD and the external case were still under warranty so I could just replace them. But I still had to buy 2 new cases to apologize for my dumbness~ Since that day, I never trust external HD case no more. ><; So remeber! Good kids always backup your data. @_@;

Left is my angle HD, right one is the demon case~