Wednesday, March 08, 2006

George's Demo Review3~

GEditor.This demo should be count as "not-finished"=P. I thought about this demo in a short period of time after I finished GDemoEx. When I was writing GDemoEx, I met some problems like; where should I put these enemies? What do I put here in this map? or something like how my enemies should do to interact with my main character...etc(finally became all random =P ) At the same time, I was playing this famous game called "WarCraft3". It has a tool called map editor. You not only can decide which thing goes where, you can also write a script to make the scene become a complete game stage so other players can play it. Yeah, this editor is hell strong. So I decided right away that I was gonna make a similar one without thinking how hard it could be.XD
Although I had the experience from GDemoEx, this project still gave me a headache. A lot of new problems came. For instance; how do I match the point on my screen to the actually position in my 3D world? Or how do I move multiple objects at once?...etc. After the research and my friends' help( thank you again guys XD ), I conquered most of the problems. My demo could now load a field map, add objects, and you can select them to move or delete and some other actions.

I thought I was doing ok but at the same time I found a deadly mistake I didnt consider(*_x); this demo did not have any data base or any data handlers. I couldnt save my scene or load it. And dont even think about restore. The UI was not convenient also. So this demo could only let you load some models and fields, let you put them around doing all the decoration. And thats all. ; ; Under this sad situation, I had to stop contiuing this demo until I was more experienced about datas.
But recently I was reading a book about data structures and I did found out some methods to handle data saving and restore and others. Yea, George, you need to learn more programming skills besides graphics~XD I hope one day I can unfreeze this demo and finish it as I planned before. ^_^

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