Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hong Kong Trip

Due to xxx reason ( top secret^^; ) so I had to travel to HongKong during March. hmm? March? Isnt it April now? Thats right, I'm too lazy to re-organzie these pictures and stuff. But if I dont do it, I probably will lose all those memories like I never been to HongKong @_@ So, here goes the 3 days 2 nights trip to HongKong~

March 17th, this was our first time travel by ourselves. To be honest, I was a little nervous ^^; Although I have been to HongKong before with my family, I didnt have any memory of that place...^^; Anyway, here we go Hongkong, me and my girl friend started our trip. When we arrived at HongKong airport, I somehow felt alot better because most people here did understand Manderin. We picked up our luggage and head to our first stop -- Nikko Hotel.

After we leave our luggage in the hotel, we randomly picked a japanese restaurant near the hotel because it was 14:00 already. A nice restaurant tho with decent price~ after the quick lunch, we headed to our 2nd stop -- The Peak Tower! To go there, of course we would take the Peak Tram. Yea, my memory of HongKong was totally no use, I didnt know where we were when we went out from the train station. Thank god there were good people helping us to find the Peak Tram station. Thanks to those poeple ^^

This is what Peak Tram looks like~

Here we go The Peak Tower...What the hell! its redecorating(T_T) what a lucky day. Well, since we were here, lets just look around in the shopping mall next to the tower. And I found this~

After the Peak Tower, it was almost 6 already, so we desided to visit the buzzing centre of clubs -- Lan Kwai Fong. And we finally got lost as usual lol we had no idea where we were, so we had to head back to the train station and started walking from there again. Finally, thank god we found Lan Kwai Fong. This funny place not only have a whole street of pubs but also tons of western people gathering here~ Its like a special scene in HongKong during night time.

Very crowded place~

Pheww~ what a tired day. We also found something funny when we went back to the hotel...what happened to our king size bed?!?

Yup~5 stars!

I had no idea what that is at the bottom...but i didnt dare to touch it because it might cost money. ^^; I kind of challenged that in Japan before so...rather not try again! Water was free tho...duh

March 18th, due to too much walk from the 1st day, our legs didnt belong to us anymore lol. So we changed the travel to a relaxing one. We slept until lunch time lol and went to a buffet for lunch~ But before that, we did a little window shopping at Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. It was like normal shopping streets with shops on each side of the roads. And we realized something...not only Taiwan has bad air, its the same in HongKong@_@ really! so poisonous... and there were so many busses...poeple of HongKong, can't you smell that??!

Nathan Road~

Another Nathan Road~

God so many busses...^^;

Some people say if you dont ride this train in HongKong, its like you never been to HongKong. So...i think our trip didnt count lol

After our nice buffet, we took a nap in the hotel and then headed to the world's longest covered escalator. It was very long and the scary thing was, there was no escalator if someone wanted to go back, yup its only one way~ We didnt want to lose our legs before going back to the hotel so we only tried a little while and left~

World's longest covered escalator~

Around sunset, we headed to Star Ferry Piers and found these buildings on the way~

Special Scene in HongKong~ during weekends, there will be lots of these Philippine and Thai gathering here, there were so many of them when we saw. I heard they dont have to stay at the working places during weekends so they will gather here and chat or something

Ferry's outfit...Damn man use 92 or 95 please, its so stinky.

I would like to try this...

Here we were Star Ferry Piers

We had our dinner at Star Ferry Piers and were waiting the lazer show around 20:00. But it was a little disappointed. The lazer show between HongKong island and Kowloon was kind of boring and there was no music too. Anyway, we headed to Avenue of Stars after that. There were so many visitors when we got there but it was too dark to see those hand prints on the ground. But not bad tho~ We went back to hotel after Avenue of Stars to relax our feet for tomorrow~

A KongFu man like you shouldnt have small hands like these!

March 19th, our last day. In order to goto the airport on time, we didnt went to any place thats too far from our hotel. We ate some Cantonese style breakfast and headed to the Ladies Market in Kowloon. ( was planning to eat their Dimsum but those restaurants seemed opened pretty late on Sunday ; ; )

I really wanted to know whats #A...( it's written "good morning everyone" what meal is that??! )

Ladies Market. We were too early i think. Many store were just opening when we got there~

Oh, there 2 were very tasty. I forget the name of the store but their sweets are really good~ left one is mango with rice ball, and the right one is water melon with honey. Those 4 red balls were water melons! really tasty ^_^

Why did i have to be so tired ^^; I wanted a relax trip!

Finally time to go home~ We headed back to hotel and picked up our luggages. When we were waiting the shuttles, we found these 2 funny food~ right hand one is curry fish eggs and the left hand one is some cake~ unlike the one in taiwan, its crunchy and is empty inside. Very tasty too!! ^^

Wooohaa~finally the conclusion lol. HongKong and Taiwan have many similar cultures; Bad air, dirty street... lol I think its the last time for me to travel there =P And I really hate this leg breaking kind of trip~ In the future I will try more relaxing trips like going to howaii or something~


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