Sunday, February 26, 2006

George's Demo Review1~

Huuu~finally found this old dusty demo(in a folder named"very very old shit" lol). I made this when I first started to learn game programming when I was studying in UCDavis(2001?forget=P). I remember i was reading this book called "Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus"(written by Andre' LaMothe, and really a good book actually) and I started making this demo after the first 2 chapters(too excited hehe...). And because of that, this demo uses all predefined window functions; there is no DirectX or OpenGL at all(that's why it can still run without version Of course all the pictures in this demo are made from predefined functions also. Although there isnt anything good about this demo, I learned lots of things when i was writing it. Mmm~ memories. Oh, one thing I really regret is that there is no pause button in this demo, so it gave me a tough time trying to take the pictures below@_@; Try it out when you feel really bored^_^

very shitty graphic..btw there is a boss, becareful hehe

Click here to download TheBees.rar

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