Monday, February 20, 2006

Grand Opening~

wow~ It only took me less than 5min to make this website-like thingy. All I can say is "blog...You are the Man!" But why is my 'g' (from george's blog) not capitalized!! (T_T)

I soon found out I am really not the type of person who can write dairy or essay; I had alot of ideas in my mind before i started wrting and now my brain is blank and blank. I dont even know what to write lol. What do people usually write in their first post? Ah~dump brain, you are so dump. (*'3')

Anyway, "George's Blog" is opened~Ya. What will be posted here? far I will post my game experience and share some demos I programmed. Maybe you will find something useful, I hope.

Hope you will like it ^^

P.S. Oh!Oh!Let me advertise my chinese version blog here also. Interested in Chinese? Come!Come! XD

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